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 eat food. it food twice. eat it thrice. keep eating.

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BerichtOnderwerp: eat food. it food twice. eat it thrice. keep eating.   vr nov 30, 2012 9:12 am

Howon could hear the mirror break as Sunggyu roughly shoved him against it. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that he felt the sting of tiny pieces of glass piercing his back. It burned and Howon could feel blood slowly trickling down his back, much like the warm tears that were now making their way over his cheeks. He had ceased his cries for help and his cries for Sunggyu to stop a long time ago. He tried putting up a fight, much like every time this happened. And it wasn’t as if Howon was weak or anything—Sunggyu was just too strong.

As Howon kept hitting anywhere he could reach, he could feel lips and teeth nip or rather gnaw at his jaw line, slowly but roughly making their way down to his lips. He could feel a tongue trying to penetrate his mouth, but Howon wouldn’t have any of it. Stubbornly he kept his lips locked. That was a wrong move. Sunggyu backed up a bit, glaring angrily at Howon. ‘Stop resisting or you’ll pay,’ he growled out. Again he pushed Howon against the already broken mirror. It hurt. It hurt so much. But Howon didn’t scream, not wanting to give Sunggyu the satisfaction. Sunggyu resumed his previous ministrations and tried invading Howon’s mouth. When Howon still did not budge, Sunggyu held him up against the mirror with his lower arm, his now free hand grabbing Howon’s jaw, forcing it open. Howon couldn’t help but whimper softly when he felt Sunggyu’s tongue enter. He closed his eyes tightly, trying and wishing he could phase through the wall behind the mirror. When this didn’t work he went with plan B.

A scream resounded in the room when Howon bit hard on Sunggyu’s tongue. Sunggyu pulled back, the hand with which he had previously forced open Howon’s jaw now clasped over his own mouth. When he pulled back his hand and saw that there was blood, he looked up at Howon, a savage look in his eyes, before grabbing him by his throat. He leaned in closer to Howon’s face, near his ear. ‘You bastard,’ he whispered softly, but with anger clearly audible in his voice. ‘You think you’re all that. But you’re nothing, Howon. Nothing.’ He bit on Howon’s earlobe harshly before kneeing him in the stomach, knocking the air out of him. Howon wanted to bend over from the blow but was forced to stay upright as Sunggyu had an almost cruel grip on his throat, choking him and making him gasp for breath. There wasn’t much Howon could do to soothe the pain or the need for air before Sunggyu let go of his throat and punched him hard in the face. Howon’s head collided with the broken mirror with a painful sound, his vision went black for a few seconds. He slid down the wall, knocking over a few things in the process.

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eat food. it food twice. eat it thrice. keep eating.
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